Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weavestock 3 -- It's Official !!

And in this week's Weaver Street Market Co-op employee Market Messenger. It's going to be held on Thursday, July 23, between 5.00pm and 8.00pm. And will be featuring talent that includes at least one employee from WSM.

There is room for more talent. It can be any sort of performing art. Music, poetry, comedy (family), juggling - if you can do it, you can appear. Contact Linda Fullwood (, to let her know you are interested.

And folks? This is our event. We organize it. We perform. If you aren't so hot on the creative talent, but are great at organizing, promoting, stagecraft, sound, lights, etc., get in touch with Steve Carter (, who is heading up logistics - everything from organizing and promoting, to arranging the sound equipment on the day.

The first two Weavestocks were huge successes. For audience and performers alike. Just great big WSM family parties. Why not be a part this year? And yup. Pop Voxx / Geoff Gilson will be there ...