Thursday, June 4, 2015

June Employee Strategy Meetings

What was missing from this week's Weaver Street Market Co-op employee's Market Messenger was any reference to the meetings we employees were promised would be held in June, and at which meetings we employees were told we would be able (finally!) to be involved in discussions about strategy, goals, plans and budget for the co-op we workers half own.

Yup. E-mail to our esteemed General Manager:

"Hey Ruffin,

You mentioned in a recent 'Market Messenger' that there would be meetings in June to allow employees to be involved in discussions about WSM strategy, goals, plans and budget. I wonder when they are going to be held?

I would like to give you notice that I will be attending at least one of those meetings, with copies of the documents produced in the link below (copied at my expense), in order to get an answer to the question: when will you be implementing the policy in question, and how?

All the best,

It's a long bloody hard slog to get these folks to comply with the co-op policy which demands that we WSM employees be involved in decision-making in our co-op, isn't it ... ??