Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pop Voxx - Beguiling

Just finished the most amazing session with my production team at Nightsound Studios, with whom I am recording my six-song debut EP as Pop Voxx / Geoff Gilson, which EP is provisionally entitled Beguiling, after the lyrics of the song Kisses, for which we tracked backing vocals today.

Kisses is the most finished of the tracks. And. It. Is. Sounding. Awesome.

You guys know it for the fun dance - video here. Soon, you will be able to hear what it is you're dancing to!

And what you will be hearing is a cross between the B-52's and George Michael (the Wham days), with a hint of Hawaii, and a sprinkling of Do You Love Me.

Many, many thanks to Chris Wimberley, Adrianna Villa, Geneva Walata and Meghan Puryear for their patience and their skills. We have a ways to go yet. But these guys are bringing me safely home! Thank you.