Friday, June 12, 2015

June Employee Strategy Meetings - Redux

Shout-out to all my fellow co-workers at Weaver Street Market Co-op. You will remember that I wrote recently that I had written to the WSM General Manager, to remind him that he had promised us meetings in June, as a follow-up to the WSM Employee Communications Survey, at which meetings he had promised that we workers would have the opportunity to give our input on the goals, plans, strategy and budget of Our Weave.

I got a response back from him:

"Hi Geoff,

The meeting schedule will be in the Market Messenger next week.

Thanks, Ruffin"

I replied:

"Thanks, Ruffin. I'm not sure if they are going to be unit meetings. But, if not, and they are optional meetings, are we going to take the same approach as with the communications survey? Namely that, managers will be encouraging all to attend, efforts will be made to accommodate schedules, and attendance will be on-the-clock?

Many thanks,

Not heard back on that one yet. But, chase up with your own managers, why not?

In the meantime, my merry band of Weaverites, you may also remember that I gave you the opportunity to arm yourselves with the information necessary to quiz Ruffin at those meetings about when and how he intends to implement the co-op policy which demands that all workers be regularly involved in the decision-making which affects us and our workplace - not just from time to time, when it suits

Once again - if you want to see that policy implemented, that is - you can find that information here.

Good luck!