Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Underpaid, Working Hard Labor Day !!

Oh come on, Geoff. Lighten up. Sigh. Ok. On this glorious day, when annually we celebrate the contribution workers make to keeping our country running, I'd like to share a couple of blog posts, previously written, about just how important co-operatives can be in the coming New Economic Democracy.

Partly to celebrate what is so wonderful about co-op's at their best; partly to hope that Weaver Street Market Co-operative (where I have now worked for eight years) will one day attain such exalted heights; and partly to thank the many friends I have made at WSM, and remind them that, you know, there's a lot that's good and fun about WSM, even if the corporate office management team can be a bunch of ... Geoff! ... ok ...

Happy Labor Day, corporate office management team ... if you're there ... and not at home ... bar-b-que-ing ... as the rest of us swelter, in the oppressive heat ... laboring to produce the profi ... Geoff! ... sigh ...

So, my two blog posts, from yesteryear, but still appropriate today:

1) What is a co-operative? --

2) How co-operatives can work, even in tough economic times --

Happy Labor Day!!