Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Zen of Piglet

I woke up this morning. The most important things on my mind were that my air-conditioning did not work. And that I was worried about my weight. Again. Vain little tramp, that I am.

As important as these were. I went through my newly-discovered mantras. About life and the universe and visualization. About what is important. What is not. What I want to be saying to the universe. And what not.

Came out the other side, just glorying in the beauty of life. Full of gratitude for what I have. And full of expectation for what is coming my way.

I get on Facebook. Read about a friend who is missing his granny. A year after her death. I wonder if the problem with societal ADD is not that suddenly we've all become inhuman monsters. I think that there's just too much stimulus. All at the same time.

I mean. It does take a year to accommodate grief. Why should we pretend that it takes less? Why do we pretend that we can cope with all of the bad news with which we are presented on all of the ubiquitous media that surrounds us? Not to mention personal trauma?

I find myself flitting between the sublime, the serious, the ephemeral, the urgent. Just trying to stay abreast. Stay afloat. Demands of work. Worrying about individual members of my family. Wondering if I am taking the right steps with my music career. Hoping Georgia beat South Carolina.

What is important? What is real? What matters? Aren't they all the same feelings? Triggering the same synapses? What to feel? What to tell the universe?

And then, late in the day, I hear that a good friend has been in a horrible crash. Is struggling for life. Struggling for health. My heart is with him. My thoughts with his wife, daughter and family.

My whole day is set in perspective. We are all such fragile creatures. Complex mechanisms, dependent on the flimsiest of conceived structures. Miracles of daily survival. Icons of transience, we take for granted, as being the impervious crucibles necessary for our souls to struggle with the meaning of life.

What was important. Is now irrelevant. What is now crucial. Is something over which I have no control.

My thoughts rest with the people who need them the most. Right now. I hope you know who you are. Meanwhile, I'm just tapping on the shoulder of life, to be sure of you ...