Monday, September 30, 2013

POP VOX, 2nd Wind, Carrboro and Inclusion ...

Er. Now that the festivities are complete. I guess it does no harm to raise this little issue - "Some Hear Harsh Notes At Carrboro Music Fest."

I'm sure there is no truth to the rumors that Jerry, the owner of #2ndWind, spoke with me, when he first received his letter of 'disinvitation' from the organizers of the #CarrboroMusicFestival.

That I said 'bollocks.' You're a music venue. You open your doors. And put on music. It's the Carrboro Music Festival. Not the Carrboro-only-if-we-like-you Music Festival.

I'm certain that, if I were to say something like 'you know, it's no good going to Raleigh to protest exclusion by Republicans; only to come back to Carrboro and practice it here.'

I'm certain that, if I were to say something like that, there would be folks who would dismiss such a statement as muck-stirring.

Rather than seeing it as part of my continuing mini-mission to help to create space for people to express themselves - wherever that might be.

So. I guess I won't say it ...