Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rob DuBose, RIP

Rob DuBose, longtime WSM Consumer-Owner, and husband of 2007 Board Candidate, Eliza DuBose, died on September 10 from head injuries, following a road accident the previous Friday.

Rob was a sweet, sweet-natured man, I was privileged to call a friend – and who just happened to be a really great cook!

We didn’t spend a whole lot of time together. I wouldn’t presume to say I was one of his closest friends. But we went to the beach. Chatted late at night, after parties. And played music together occasionally.

Rob could sometimes be a bit of a closed book. But he was always there. Never hogging the attention. But ready. With a quick quip. A merry comment. Or some culinary delight he’d whipped together out of nothing in the fridge. He was always enjoyable company. Comfortable.

I would find myself looking around. Aware that I did not know him as well as I would have liked. But feeling, quite easily, that it was nice having him there.

Sweet, enjoyable, nice, comfortable. It may not sound like a Shakespearean eulogy. But you know. Have a look at the headlines. Look around you. I look at my own life. And actually. It’s a heck of a compliment as far as life memories go. Along with his being a really great cook!

I’m going to miss you, Rob. My love is with Eliza, his wife, and Molly, his daughter. I sense they may have lost not only a husband and a father, but also a good friend.

RIP, Rob