Monday, September 30, 2013

POP VOX - Carrboro Music Fest - Thank You !!

Thank you to the some 80 people who turned out last evening to partake of some group consensual Beach Pop, courtesy of Pop Vox / Geoff Gilson, at 2nd Wind, during the #CarrboroMusicFestival -

Couple of new songs, which went down quite well, including me brand new power ballad. Look, a regular asked for one. He got it! I'm interactive. Remember?!

Lots of old friends. A whole bunch of new ones. And huge fun playing alongside greats acts like#ElleJohnson#Henbrain#Baffle#LeiaGaskinSadiku,#AvantGardeAmericanSongbook#JonChristie,#JasonGabriel and #SkinnyBagOfSugar. Thank you all!!